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Claimant Self-Defense and Supportive Services

Zabian R. Crosby, D.H.Ed., Disability Advocate

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Most Experts recommend that Social Security Claimants find some means of financial support when filing a claim. The problem confronting many claimants occurs when disability strikes and their faith in others becomes misplaced. Suddenly, many Claimants find themselves forced into public assistance and low-income housing. Others end up homeless, unable to afford the cost of even basic medical assistance, and if they attempt to shop for food, attend church or even associate with their friends, the SSA considers their effort to feel “just a bit normal” to be sufficient grounds to deny their pending claim. You can help overcome this problem by making a small donation to afford the costs of fighting the denial of a Social Security disability claim. A small monetary contribution creates a substantial amount of support- assistance that many claimants truly need more than ever, until they receive an approval and their first benefit payment.

Claimant Advocates work for Claimants on the basis of good faith, with the expectation that, if the Claimant wins his or her case, that they receive a small stipend as compensation. You can help by sponsoring a COOFIA Advocate today, as they are volunteering their time for a noble cause: Helping the Disabled.


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Did you know that there are literally Hundreds of people living in your local community who are being denied Social Security Disability Benefits each month?

Region III – Central California, has the highest percentage of denied claims in the United States. During the application period, a Claimant is not allowed to do anything that would demonstrate functional capacity. They are typically forced into a scenario of zero wages and long-term poverty. What better way to keep somebody from fighting you, but to keep them broke and unable to defend themselves as they struggle just to survive?

The only real hope for a Claimant, is if the Social Security Administration sees a Claimant’s impairments as being sufficiently dire, that they may eventually receive an approval for a nominal monthly benefit payment. The process typically involves a 1-2 year period. When a Claimant is denied, the period of time can take up to 8 years and the final decision may still end up as a final denial of disability insurance benefits.

Imagine being without an income for eight years? What would become of you after eight years without a paycheck? Most Claimants experience a degree of social alienation and may become clinically depressed. They often experience the loss of Family, Friends, and their Homes as they continue fighting desperately for monies they’ve paid into the Social Security Disability Insurance Fund- S.S.D.I. – during their career.

A Claimant experiences tremendous and severe hardships over a period of years in most cases, as they attempt “just to improve their health and living situation.” During the typical two-year paper battle, the “SSA” literally forces Claimants to spend what little they have on-hand fighting the system itself. During the long process, Claimants must afford the costs of pre-litigation or risk losing their claim entirely. They are required to afford the cost of office supplies, expensive photocopies, long distance telephone calls, and subsidizing expensive travel costs, going back and forth from home to medical offices to obtain mandatory medical reports.

Does this sound like the SSA truly appreciates or even understands the hardships they have created for Claimants? That friends – is the world of the Social Security Administration for Claimants fighting for social justice and fairness.

Your small donation today in any amount that you choose, provides immediate assistance via PayPal to the deserving Claimant(s) whom you choose.

A contribution in any amount, provides immediate relief to those who are suffering in silence. Here’s how you can help: Select the Claimant(s) who you wish to adopt and send whatever “you feel” will be helpful to those whom you feel would benefit so they can sustain themselves while fighting for personal and social justice. It’s that simple.

Claimant Defense Fund: Donate


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Typically, most non-COOFIA Attorneys who advertise, rarely pursue your claim if your claim is denied after an Administrative Law Judge Hearing. So, when your claim becomes time-consuming and costly, most Attorneys will decide if they wish to continue representing you as their Client. Most won’t.

If you find that your case has been in-fact dropped by your previous Attorney, contact our office. We maintain a list of Attorneys, committed to social justice, who work with claimant cases that the large firms simply discard.

COOFIA Advocate Claim Representatives are business professionals within your community, trained and supervised by competent Attorneys in Social Security Disability Law. COOFIA Advocates are assigned to claimants who need assistance with their documentation and may represent you if your matter is scheduled for an administrative hearing.


Source: COOFIA Claimant Defense:

In the past, filing a claim for Social Security Disability was a difficult task. Today, the Social Security Administration has vast resources at its disposal to deny your claim. COOFIA offers a variety of services to claimants, based on their individualized needs. At COOFIA, you can customize the level of service that you want by selecting from the choices mentioned below. In most cases, you can always contact our office if you need further assistance. We’re here to help:

1- COOFIA now publishes self-help guides for new claimants who want to handle their claim and may simply want information on avoiding problems and pitfalls when filing for benefits with the Social Security Administration.

2- COOFIA provides no-cost phone consultations to new claimants. If you are having trouble understanding how to complete your claim documentation, you may contact our office for assistance.

3- Claimants often find the road to approval to be full of unexpected twists and turns. If your initial application was denied, there is a good chance that your claim will ultimately be denied. The best advice we can give you is to simply contact our office so that a COOFIA Professional may determine if your claim requires professional assistance.



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